I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North of England in the 70's. I  have been working in clay for almost 25 years, and have a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in Ceramics. At Eton College (England), I lived and on campus and taught fine art with a specific focus on ceramics for 15 years. I  immigrated to Melbourne Australia in October 2018. I have exhibited internationally within the U.K, Europe and Australia. Currently I am Artist in Residence at Scotch College Melbourne.

Inspiration for Works

Much of my recent work created as part of my residency at Scotch College is influenced by the significant history of the educational institutions in which I have worked for many years. These sculptures of boys are informed by first hand experiences of the day - to - day routines of these schools and their communities, as well as their fascinating photographic archives. The resulting sculptures explore themes of commemoration, mateship and coming of age.  

The sleeping figures are flat-backed wall-mounted  sculptures. The form of the body is cocooned in densely patterned fabrics. Finding new ways to apply colour and experiment with the versatility of slip and glaze application as well as combining printmaking techniques is quite a driving force.  Whilst visiting Córdoba, Spain during Semana Santa I became fascinated by the decorated Passos mounted with sculptures of the Madonna. I was interested in the concealment of their bodies within patterned robes, jewels and lace. The fabric seeming to frame their faces and protruding hands. The resting bodies, both encased in and protected by patterned wrappings are a development of this theme. Porcelain, terracotta and vitreous slips create a textural finish to these works, with dribbles of glaze and flashes of gold to accentuate the rich qualities.

Functional Ware

The plates, platters and tea bowls are press moulded stoneware and I have used archival imagery, photography and drawing as surface design.