Artist's Statement

My work is about the concealment of the figure. The form of a body cocooned in densely patterned fabrics. Finding new ways to apply colour and experiment with the versatility of slip and glaze application as well as combining printmaking techniques is quite a driving force. I find clay to be the most versatile material and well suited to the expression of my ideas. 

When I first started working with clay at college it was the transformation of materials that thrilled me, and its innate versatility. I studied Ceramics and gained an MA at UWIC, in Cardiff and I have been making ceramics and sculpture since the mid 1990s. 


I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the 70's. My Mother had a long standing interest in fine art so I had a lot of exposure to the arts and crafts, particularly old museums and galleries. She would take me to the great historical institutions of London. 

As a 13 year old visiting the British Museum I was overwhelmed by the textures, patterns and nature of the mummified remains and monumental stone carved Egyptian heads. For me these collections highlight important associations that concern location, ritual, commemoration and the souvenir. 

Whilst visiting Córdoba, Spain during Semana Santa I became fascinated by the decorated Passos and started looking at Byzantine Madonna and child groups as well as sculptures of saints and monarchy. I became interested in the concealment of their bodies in patterned robes, jewels and gowns. The fabric seeming to frame their faces and protruding hands. This eventually led to the idea of sleeping or resting bodies encased in and protected by patterned blankets and wrappings. Porcelain, terracotta and vitreous slips create an exquisite textural finish to these works, with dribbles of glaze and flashes of gold to accentuate their rich qualities.


I am an artist and a teacher and have been teaching fine art at Eton College, Windsor since 2003. Although I was initially trained in ceramics I now work across a range of mediums through my teaching practice.